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About London Townhomes

For a variety of reasons, many homeowners are looking to ditch their oversized and overpriced homes for something easier to maintain and comes with an array of benefits. The City of London has an abundance of townhomes to choose from that vary in style, price and amenities. A townhome in London costs less to purchase than a detached home and carries fewer expenses. Townhomes are narrower than a regular home and share walls with neighbours. This leads to reduced heating and cooling costs and lower maintenance bills. Buying a townhouse in London also grants you access to a front yard, backyard and multipipe parking spaces. Also, any amenities that your townhome village may have, such as a pool, gym, playground, party space or other communal areas are at your disposal.

Buying a Townhome in London Makes Sense. Here's Why

London has some beautiful townhomes to choose from. There are townhouses that are classically built, newly-built or currently under construction. No matter your needs, London has a townhome for you. London has all the conveniences and luxuries that you could want, including outstanding restaurants, shopping centres, pubs, art galleries, museums, nightclubs and concert venues. But London is also home to a great infrastructure that consists of a thorough public transit system, environmental initiatives and a wonderful mix of classic and modern architecture. Because of all that it offers, London has become an in-demand place for those looking to buy a townhouse, including students, families, couples, retirees and working professionals. London is seeing and will continue to see steady and positive growth. Find your perfect townhome now and become a part of this tremendous city.

London Real Estate Statistics

London real estate average sold price in the last 30 days (December 26 - January 24) was $248,000, which is $501,357 (202.2 %) lower than the average price of $749,357 in the previous 30 day period (November 26 - December 25), and $325,238 (131.1 %) down from the same period 1 year ago ($573,238). London real estate prices over the last 30 days are also $424,445 (171.1 %) lower than the average selling price of $672,445 over the past year.
Average London condo sold price over the last 30 days (December 26 - January 24) was $248,000. During this period it was $0 (0.0 %) down from the average price of condo of $248,000 during the previous 30 days (November 26 - December 25), and $83,000 (33.5 %) lower compared to the same period 1 year ago ($331,000). In the last 30 days London the average condo price was $111,327 (44.9 %) lower than the average selling price of $359,327 over the last year.
163 Boullee St 6, London
Spacious & Sun Filled 2-Storey Condo Town Conveniently Located With Walking Distance To Parks, Schools . Perfect For Investor!
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